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Getting Started

Where to Begin

Before you build your dream home, it’s wise to spend some time considering the ground on which it will stand. The perfect location involves more than just an address – it’s everything from the quality of the soil under your feet to the view of the sunset from your back porch. A lot with a view may cost you a bit more, but typically the resale value of the home will be higher as well. However, an outstanding view may have other costs as well.


A sloping lot may give you an opportunity for a walkout basement, but it could limit your patio space or decrease the size of your pool. Likewise, a driveway with a steep incline may make it difficult to drive during certain seasons of the year.

While drainage isn’t usually a problem for a sloping lot, soil erosion can be. And consider if your new home plan will work on the existing terrain or if you’ll need to adjust the landscape before you begin building. The first meeting with clients will include an extensive discussion about all the design and budget considerations.

We also spend a great deal of time going over the standard building material specification (i.e. type of windows, doors and roof shingles, etc.) The following information is necessary for this meeting: lot information including subdivision deed restrictions, a survey of your lot or a plot of the subdivision, an idea of what you can spend on building your new home, an idea of what your time frame is for beginning construction of your new home, and design ideas which may include pictures of things you like.

The goal is that by the conclusion of this meeting, our architectural design team will have obtained enough information to begin drawing a rough floor plan and front elevation.