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Golf Communities


Within a planned community, you’ll be able to choose the location of your lot. The community may also include club houses, pools, golf courses, activity centers and other amenities. You’ll want to be sure to get information on the entire community, as well as the proximity of the available lots to these amenities. Typically, lots located close to the golf course, clubhouse or lakes, maintain a higher re-sale value, so take the time to do a little investigating.<



Homebuyers need to be aware of not only what’s on their perspective lot, but also what’s next to it. For example, if your lot is a corner lot, it may offer more space but less privacy. Look and listen to the roads that border your property for traffic noise and safety. The streetscape is an important aspect of your individual lot. Do you like the view out of your windows? Ask your self whether the community has the feel you want and if this is a neighborhood you and your family will love to call home.

Home Owners Associations


While most people dislake having an HOA and paying a monthly fee, studies suggest that an HOA actually increases your homes value. Most  associations have a design commitee. They set the standards for the community so peoples designs dont get too over the top for the neighborhood.  The fee for plan review can cost as little as $1,000 or as high as $10,000. Some Review boards require a 1/20th scale model to be built. It is common that these reviews take 6-9 months to get your design passed.